Blog Beast Tutorial for Grannies and Dummies – Part 7

You have learned in the previous tutorial how to use the “Footer Data” and “Page Customization” options on the Empower Network viral blogging system. In today’s Blog Beast tutorial you are going to learn how to attach a domain name to your blog. This includes how to set-up the domain in your blog and on, which is the domain registrar.

Your Blog Beast is set-up as a sub-domain of Your customer ID is the subdomain used for your blog. For example my ID is “gmichel” and my Main Empower Network blog is If you have created additional blogs, this will be the username you chose for each blog. The second blog I created is

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Blog Beast Tutorial 7

Go to the login page located here and log in.

You should know by now how to access your blog’s setting options.

You need to select “My Empower Network Blog” and click on “Custom Domain”.

Blog Beast Tutorial

In the screen shot you see that there is already a domain name attached to the blog: and point to the same blog. This is what you will see after your domain is set-up. In the case you want to remove the association with the domain, click on the red “Remove Domain” button.

For this tutorial I am going to select my second blog: Christina’s blog and click “Custom Domain”.

Blog Beast Tutorial

Just click the blog link you want to attach the domain to. You will see the page above.

Then, you have to register a domain name. I suggest you use

Step 1: Enter the domain you have registered with the www. You will see “Available” showing.

Blog Beast Tutorial

Click “Next” to go to the next step.

Step 2: You will see the instructions on how to attach your new domain name to your blog.

Blog Beast Tutorial

Like this.

Blog Beast Tutorial

If you want more details: Download PDF for more details.

Step 3: After you have set-up your CNAME & DNS on the registrar, click the “Verify Custom Domain”. If every thing is alright you will see.

Blog Beast Tutorial

Blog Beast Tutorial 7 – Setting up CNAME & DNS

I assume that your domain name is registered and that you have an account with

Login in NameCheap here.

In the left menu, locate the section Host Management.

Blog Beast Tutorial

Click on the “URL Forwarding” link.

The Modify Domain page for your domain will show.

Now you have to enter in the IP ADDRESS/URL section what the Empower Network gave you in Step 2.

Blog Beast Tutorial

Here is the info again.

Blog Beast Tutorial

Notice that the CNAME Value has a dot “.” at the end.

It is necessary to include this dot and make sure that you have no space before or after the value.

Select the proper RECORD TYPE as shown above.

Then click the “Save Changes” button.

You have now to return to your Empower Network Set-up page and click the “Verify Custom Domain”. 

Blog Beast Tutorial

If it works it will show like this.

Blog Beast Tutorial

Blog Beast Tutorial 7 – Setting up Email Forward (Optional)

This step is totally optional, but I think it is a good idea to use an email address that matches your domain instead of a free service like Gmail.

In the left menu, locate the section Host Management.

Blog Beast Tutorial

Then click on “All Host Records”

Scroll down to the section “MAIL SETTINGS”.

Blog Beast Tutorial

Make sure that the option Free Email Forwarding is selected.

Click the “Save Changes” button.

Now, in the left menu, locate the section E-mail Management.

Blog Beast Tutorial

Then click on “E-mail Forward Setup”

You will see this page.

Blog Beast Tutorial

You have the possibility to set-up 6 email addresses, which is great.

In this example I chose info@ redirected to another email address for which I have a Mailbox. This might be your Gmail account.

Click the “Save Changes” button.

Send an email to this new address and see if you receive it.

That’s it! 🙂

I hope this tutorial will be useful to you and I will see you in the next Blog Beast tutorial.


If you have questions, comment below.

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