How to Install and Use the Facebook Pixel Helper

The new Facebook pixel is simple and complicated at the same time. There is only one pixel, but several “events” you can add to it to track and optimize conversions. After the Facebook pixel is installed in your website, how do you check if it is properly installed?

For this effect, there is a Chrome extension called “Facebook Pixel Helper” that can help you.

Facebook Pixel Helper

Open your Chrome browser and locate the “Apps” link in the menu. Click on it, to show your apps and select the “Web Store” button.

Facebook Pixel Helper

Type “Pixel Helper” in the search window.

Facebook Pixel Helper

You will see a list of extension, the first one is “Pixel Helper”.

Facebook Pixel Helper

Click on “Add to Chrome”.

This pop-up will show.

Facebook Pixel Helper

Click on “Add Extension”.

Facebook Pixel Helper

You will see a confirmation message and the Pixel Helper’s icon in the tool bar.

Was that easy?

How to use the Pixel Helper?

Go to your website and look at the Pixel Helper icon.

If you have installed the Pixel site wide to create an audience for retargeting, you will see this on all of your pages.

Facebook Pixel Helper

1 Pixel is showing and it is the base pixel for “PageView”.

If you have installed the same Pixel with a conversion event to optimize your Facebook ads it will show like this.

Facebook Pixel Helper

The event selected for the particular page is “ViewContent”.

It could be “Lead”, “Purchase”, “Registration” or anything else you have on the page.

Note that there is only one Facebook Pixel on the site, but 2 different events: one is PageView and the other ViewContent.

I hope this short tutorial on the Facebook Pixel Helper is useful for you. If you need any help to run your Facebook ads, contact me.

Michel Gerard

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