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How to Use FaceBook Groups to Promote your Blog Posts

FaceBook Groups

Writing a blog post and let it sit like this without any promotion is not what’s going to bring you readers. The usual steps to promote a blog post are to ping the new post and to share it with your favorite social media websites, but there is more than you can do. I came across Read More →

Internet Lifestyle Network WordPress Blog Tour

Internet Lifestyle Network blog ~ customized blog

Today, I’d like to show you a way to start a WordPress blog in 5 minutes. If you have tried before to install WordPress, choose a theme that works and set all the plugins you need, you know that it can be challenging. I write only about the tools I bought and use and this Read More →

How to Use PhotoPin to Get your Blog Images

I came across a nice tool that can help you find images for your blog very easily. Having nice photos in your blog posts is very important to make them attractive. The problem is that you can’t use any copyrighted photo from the net in your blog without getting into trouble down the road. Where Read More →

ENV2 Google Ranking Case Study

ENV2 Google Ranking Case Study

On the 5th December 2013, I published a blog post about my best high ranking blog system and how it beat my WordPress blog on a 10 years old domain. Today, I’d like to give an update and show you how my ranking in the example given has progressed, without building any back-links, in this ENV2 Read More →

Blog Beast Tutorial for Grannies and Dummies – Part 14

Blog Beast Tutorial

In the previous tutorial you have learned how to make a video blog post embedding videos from Vimeo, Youtube or any other video sharing sites. In today’s Blog Beast tutorial you are going to learn how to change the theme of your blog in just a few clicks. There are at the moment 6 Themes available and as the “Theme Picker” Read More →

WordPress Softaculous Installation Tutorial

WordPress Softaculous Installation

Installing WordPress with Softaculous is very simple and can be done in under two minutes. Softaculous is a script that you find in most hosting accounts that enables you to install applications like WordPress in just a few clicks. If you want to install a WP blog on your server read on this WordPress Softaculous installation Read More →

How to Use Permalinks in WordPress

how to use Permalinks

When you create a blog post or a page in WordPress it has to be identified by a unique link, which is like an address or a phone number. In order for users to reach your blog post they need to know the address, the “Permalink”. It is called a “Permalink” because it is a Permanent Link Read More →

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