ENV2 Google Ranking Case Study

On the 5th December 2013, I published a blog post about my best high ranking blog system and how it beat my WordPress blog on a 10 years old domain. Today, I’d like to give an update and show you how my ranking in the example given has progressed, without building any back-links, in this ENV2 Google Ranking Case Study.

Read the article here: Best High Ranking Blog System ~ Blog Beast

The case study was about 13 tutorial articles I wrote on this same blog and promoted via my Blog Beast. Two months and a half later more of the articles are not only ranking, but ranking higher. I added one article, which raises the total to 14 for this series of tutorials.

What does this tell me?

First of all, it tells me that I have more chances to have my content ranked if I write several articles around a same topic. 14 articles will find their ways better for the main keyword and related keywords without heavy link building. A single article may make it first page on Google, but it all depends on the competition.

Secondly, it tells me that as I continue to add fresh content daily and share the new posts on social media, my domain gains more reputation. This reflects on the rankings getting better over time for all the posts even if it’s not a one topic blog.

Thirdly, it tells me that PR or page rank is not as essential as it used to be. My series of articles have a PR 0 and no Google juice transferred to them. It also tells me that the domain age is not relevant any more as it’s only 5 months old.

Fourthly, it tells me that posts on a viral blogging system like the Blog Beast kick asses. I can’t tell why it works so well, but it works. I also can tell that it helps promote my older WordPress blog, which is this one.

ENV2 Google Ranking Case Study

Now, let’s see a few screen shots.

This is what I get for the keyword phrase with quotes: “Blog Beast Tutorial”

This is an exact match search. I use the quotes ” “ around my keyword.

ENV2 Google Ranking Case StudyENV2-Google-Ranking-Case-Study-q2

For this exact match I get now position #5, #6, #7 and #8 out of 17,500 results.

It used to be #10 on first page of Google, then #11, #12, #13, #14 & #15 on the second page of Google two months ago.

Now, people don’t search with an exact match keyword with the quotes “Blog Beast Tutorial” in Google. They search without the quotes, which is for broad keywords. Monitoring your ranking for “exact match” keywords and get ranked for them will ensure that you progress nicely in a broad search. It is much more difficult to rank well in a broad search.

The search is now without quotes and broad: Blog Beast Tutorial

ENV2 Google Ranking Case StudyENV2 Google Ranking Case Study

I have now the position #5 & #6 on the first page of Google for a total of 9,400,000 results. I had nothing 2 months ago for a broad search because only Youtube videos were showing. I can tell you that I am satisfied with these results.

Youtube videos rank very well because youtube.com is an authority site with reputation… and Google owns Youtube. I was still able to kick out several Youtube videos from the search results in a couple of month thanks to the Blog Beast!

You can too!

I hope you enjoyed this ENV2 Google Ranking Case Study.

Please comment below and let me know what you think.

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