Brand yourself, not the company!

The majority of people in MLMs don’t know how branding themselves can help them sell more of their products and recruit more distributors. Brand yourself!

They are usually given an advertising package and everybody is using the same websites, the same banners, the same sale letters and the same strategies.

Unfortunately, they also receive little training and consequently fail and quit.

The most important thing on the Internet is to brand yourself, not the company. Remember that people join people, not companies; people also buy from people they like.

So, how do you brand yourself?

FaceBook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, Youtube… Social Media is part of the equation, but do you really control your content with them?

You may have learned about ORKUT?

They have shut down after 10 years being online.


Do you remember GeoCities? Dead!

The same can happen to the Social Media sites of today while new platforms emerge. Even FaceBook can go down in the future, who knows?

The solution is to have your main content safe on a blog. I am not talking of or as you do not control the content. I am talking of your own self-hosted blog or a Network of blogs for which you are a customer.

You need to have a blog that is branded to you and not your company. You can use it to write about life, entrepreneurship and promote your company and products. Your content is safe now and 30 years from now as you control your content.

Then, you can promote your blog posts to all social media sites you want FaceBook, Twitter, Youtube, etc… and all links go back to your blog post.

From your blog you can collect leads and build a community of people interested in what you do. You can convert them into buyers and distributers promoting your company via email.

You can see that in my blog I brand myself and promote whatever I want to promote. What I promote today will not be what I promote tomorrow.

Brand yourself

From your blog, you promote your products and company… and if you decide to change company or if it is shutdown… you still have your blog and your content, and all the past social media links pointing back to your blog.

Imagine that you have promoted the replicated website every distributor is promoting… and it goes down. All your hard work is lost!

Now, with your blog, you can start promoting something else, keeping the traffic and follower base you have been building. You are in business again even faster than you were.

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