Blog Beast Tutorial for Grannies and Dummies – Summary

In the previous tutorial you have learned how to change the Theme of your blog in a few clicks. In today’s Blog Beast tutorial I am going to summarize all the 14 tutorials. I am sure you have realized by now that the Blog Beast is very easy to use compared to WordPress.

Blog Beast Tutorial

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Blog Beast Tutorial Summary

There are 14 Blog Beast tutorials, which will show you step by step how to use the Empower Network‘s viral blogging system.

Tutorial 1: Introduction to the Blog Beast back-office
All you need to know about the Blog Beast back-office.

Tutorial 2: Set your profile and your photo
Learn how to set your profile and your photo on the blog.

Tutorial 3: Make your first “Text” post
Learn how to quickly and easily make a “Text” post using the text editor.

Tutorial 4: Use the Blog Beast SEO Module
Learn how to use the SEO module: Meta Title Tag, Meta Keywords Tag and Meta Description.

Tutorial 5: Customize your Blog Beast
Learn how to customize the blog: template colors, fonts style and colors, left or right margin, Home Page SEO tags and top menu bar.

Tutorial 6: Additional customizations
Learn two more customization options, which are “Footer Data” and “Page Customization”. 

Tutorial 7: Attach a Domain Name to your blog
Learn how to set-up a domain name in your blog and on, which is a domain name registrar.

Tutorial 8: Create additional blogs
Learn how to create additional blogs in just a few clicks.

Tutorial 9: Change the 3 banners
Learn how to change the 3 main banners on the blog and link them to the landing page of your choice. 

Tutorial 10: Use additional buttons and menus in the Text editor
Learn how to use additional buttons and menus in the Blog Beast’s Text editor.

Tutorial 11: Make an Audio post
Learn how to make an audio blog post with three audio embedded files from Youtube, SoundCloud and Vimeo.

Tutorial 12: Make an Image post
Learn how to make an image blog post with three image files uploaded from your computer.

Tutorial 13: Make a Video post
Learn how to make a video blog post embedding videos from Youtube, Vimeo or other sharing sites in a single post.

Tutorial 14: Change the Theme
Learn how to change the Theme of your blog in just a few clicks.

I hope you have enjoyed these tutorials and that they have been useful to you.

I myself loved creating them for you.

If you have a specific Blog Beast tutorial request or questions, let me know in the comments below.

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