How to get leads for your business

There are many different ways that you can get leads for your business and this depends on which industry you are in. If you are an Internet marketer there are several online advertising venue you can use to get leads for your business. If you are an entrepreneur with a brick and mortar business you can use the power of the Internet to get yourself more clients in your area.

get leads for your business

It is not as difficult and expensive to build a list when you have the right tools and knowledge. You can see above one of my account on Get Response and a few lists I have there. The cck list is not in the Internet Marketing niche but the retail niche. Here too you can generate leads and it is what I am going to explain in this article.

How to get leads for your business Online?

Let’s pretend that you have for example a pet beauty salon and you also sell dog and cat accessories. The old method to get you prospects would be to be in the yellow phone book, to advertise in a few local newspapers and to distribute flyers in the streets… The digital age method is to have a blog!

I can hear you scream now… “a blog? I don’t know all this Internet stuff. This must take a long time to maintain and be very expensive”

Relax! I have a solution for you that is inexpensive and easy to do. Of course you are not a web designer or a programmer… but can you check your email? can you post on FaceBook? If you can… well, you can blog and get leads for your business.

In order to blog, you need a system to do it easily and that will also rank your blog posts higher than the competition in Search Engines so your prospects can find your business. The blog system needs to be business friendly and has to be built to collect leads.

I use such a system, which is called ENV2 or the  Empower Network Viral Blog System version 2. This is a screenshot of the blog also called the “Blog Beast”.

Get leads blogging

You can see two examples here:

Example 1

Example 2

If you look at the 2 examples, you will notice that they are much different. The color theme is different, the margin is at the left for one and right for the other, and the 3 banners are customized.

The 3 banners, at the top, side and bottom can be changed to your business. As a pet beauty salon owner you can have them easily customized for your needs to show images of your shop and get your message out. What is important is to have a “call to action” and a button on these 3 banners to invite your prospects to register for a newsletter or watch a video.

You could offer your visitors to watch a video on how to shower their dogs or any other useful pet related educational tips or offer them an eBook with tips on how to train their dogs to sing on one leg! The important is that in exchange for a bit of information, they enter their name and email address in a web form connected to an auto-responder system and then you can further contact them.

You can follow-up with them with knowledgable information, offers and news about your business. When you get leads for your business daily you will get more new clients. And it will also help to get in touch with your older clients improving client retention.

When the banners are set-up, all it takes is to regularly post, it may be text, images or videos… and the good news is that it can be done very easily from your computer, or your mobile device through an application. You will see after a time that your Internet presence grows with daily leads generated.

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