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Today, I have been working on my daughter’s blog. I am using the Empower Network viral blogging system called the Blog Beast because it is very simple to use and I can create as many blogs as I wish with a single account. This will be a very nice Blog Beast sample for those who want to see how the blogging system can be customized and used.

Blog Beast Sample

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My daughter is only 3 years old and she can’t blog herself you imagine, but I have started this blog for her hoping that she will take over as soon as she can write and type… In the mean time I will post updates, photos and videos for friends and family to see. This is better than posting on FaceBook were the content that you don’t own gets lost in the timeline.

Blog Beast Sample Banners

Creation of the 3 banners, if you decide not to keep the default banners, will be the only challenge you will have with the Blog Beast. Everything else is very easy to use and set-up for you. Banners can be created for you by Web design freelancers on

I worked on the 3 banners, the header, the footer and the side banner.

Blog Beast Header

Blog Beast sample

Blog Beast Footer

Blog Beast sample

Blog Beast Side

Blog Beast sample

You notice that the banners were designed to monetize the blog with affiliate programs.


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