Youtube Talking Head Lighting on a budget

If you do not have the budget to invest in professional lighting, what you can do is to use the following for your talking head lighting. You can use this equipment when you are filming yourself in a small room, sitting or standing at your computer using a webcam.

The best way to proceed is to shut the curtains so no outside light can enter the room and change your lighting during the day. These kind of lights will not work if the sun is entering the room as you would need more powerful lights to match the outside light.

Youtube Talking Head Lighting on a budget

My Equipment:

– Spiral Daylight bulb 23 Watt x 2

Talking Head Lighting

– Clamp Lamp x 2

Talking Head Lighting

– Poly-foam boards x 2

Talking Head Lighting

If your desk is against a wall and you are using the webcam on your computer, you can secure the clamp lamps on your table or nearby cabinets and direct the lights on the wall (if it is white) or on poly-foam boards to reflect back on your face.

Turn on the ceiling lights, they should also be daylight, to fill in the background/backdrop you have.

Talking Head Lighting

It is easy to see on your computer screen if you need to adjust a little bit the angle of your lamps so as to have perfect lighting.

It is often not necessary to have very powerful lights if the whole room is not very bright.

Do not allow light to come from outside and brighten the room as it will be very difficult to match it with the 2 bulbs you have.

Try to keep the lighting of the whole room down by closing curtains and the two 23 watt bulbs should do the trick.

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