How to Check your Facebook Ad for the 20% Text Rule

Facebook has a 20% text rule for images appearing in ads and it can be difficult to evaluate just by looking at the image.

Image 20% text rule

If your text exceed 20% you will receive a warning from Facebook saying that your image has more than 20% text in it including slogan and logo. The 20% text rule is an important rule in Facebook policies that beginners often don’t know about and get their ad denied or accepted then denied.

20% text rule

You can see the Facebook policy here:


Facebook Note about the 20% text rule:

The 20% text policy does not apply to pictures of products that include text on the actual product. Photos of products in real situations or photos of products with a background are acceptable. Images that are zoomed in on logos or images with text overlay are not allowed. We will also not allow images that are clearly edited to include text on the product as a loophole to policy.

How can you easily test your images for the 20% text rule?

Facebook has a very useful tool called the “Grid Tool”.

20% text rule

What you have to do is upload your image and the tool will tell you if your image respect the 20% text rule.

20% text rule

Select the squares where there is text, including your logo and Facebook will show you at the right if your image is compliant.

20% text rule

Obviously this image will not pass.

The Grid Tool is located here:


Remember that images in Boost Posts also have to be compliant with the 20% text rule and it is something we don’t necessarily think of when sharing a blog post on a page for example or creating it directly on the page.

If it is not compliant, you will have to make a new post again with an image which has less than 20% text in it.

The 20% text rule in images is also valid for the thumbnail of video ads.

I hope this is useful to you.

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