How to Use FaceBook Groups to Promote your Blog Posts

Writing a blog post and let it sit like this without any promotion is not what’s going to bring you readers. The usual steps to promote a blog post are to ping the new post and to share it with your favorite social media websites, but there is more than you can do. I came across a video explaining how to use FaceBook groups to promote your blog posts and I think this is a bright idea.

Use FaceBook Groups to Promote your Blog

How To Drive Traffic With Facebook Groups by CraigheadPro???

You might already be posting your blog updates to a selection of FaceBook groups, but what the video shows is how to post to groups relevant to the topic of your blog post. Each post is certainly on a different topic and it is best to share to those related groups.

How to Use FaceBook Groups to Promote your Blog Posts

The first thing to do is to look for people that will like your topic. If for example you wrote an article about Twitter, you need to look for people who love Twitter.

In your FaceBook search bar type “twitter”.

How to Use FaceBook Groups to Promote your Blog

You then see that you don’t have lots to do with the results shown. You have 2 FaceBook groups with a little more of a thousand people.

Click on See more results for “Twitter” All results are shown: people, pages, groups, Apps and Events.

How to Use FaceBook Groups to Promote your Blog

Click on the “Groups” link.


FaceBook Groups

All the groups shown are related to Twitter and they are a good fit for you to share your blog post about Twitter. There are so many groups that joining and posting to all of them could get you busy for several days…

That might be a good idea to skip FaceBook groups with a small audience and go for groups that have a huge number of members.

These groups have 12,039, 9,034 and 19,099.

FaceBook Groups

Certainly good to share your blog post with them, but look at the next one…

95,647 members. This must be your first choice.

FaceBook Groups

I hope that the video by CraigheadPro and the tutorial on how to use FaceBook groups to promote your blog posts have been useful to you and will help you to better promote your blog posts with FaceBook groups.

Michel Gerard

Michel Gerard

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