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A while back I wrote a blog post on UVioO and how you can make money when you share Youtube videos on FaceBook and other social media sites. I started as a free member for a couple of days and upgraded to the 10-day trial to really see the potential. Now that my trial period is nearly over, I am pleased to report that I am going to continue my Pro membership.

Do you really make money when you share Youtube videos?

The answer is YES!

share Youtube videos

You can see in the screenshot above that I have made $14.05 in about 10 days, just in sharing a few videos on my FaceBook wall and a few other social media sites. If you see the details above, I have earned:

$6.89 for sharing the videos
$1.56 for people viewing the videos on UVioO
$0.60 for 6 people registering as free members
$5.00 for someone upgrading to the 10-day Pro free trial

I got the last $5 because I upgraded to the Pro membership.

Now you may say it’s not that much, and I agree with you. But what did I do during the 10 days? I shared Youtube videos mainly on FaceBook with only 300 friends. The videos did not get viral that much because of the few friends I have on FB. If I keep sharing videos for fun with UVioO instead of Youtube, my earning potential is multiplied per three, which is $42 per month.

Let’s calculate:

$42 per month x 12 months = $504

In order to achieve this and get the referral commissions I need to be a Pro member. If I go with the yearly membership, which is $93.24, the result becomes:

$504 – $93.24 = $410.76

Don’t you think an extra $410 per year could help pay a few bills?


Share Youtube videos on UVioO has good potential:

As you see above the income generated sharing a few UVioO videos with only 300 friends has an earning potential of $410. What if you had 3,000 friends in Facebook? The exposure would be 10 times higher.

Can we assume that the income would be 10 times higher?

If you share Youtube videos on FaceBook, the yearly income would then be:
$410 x 10 = $4,100

What if now you would take it seriously and follow the 6 tips given by a top earner affiliate at UVioODon’t you think you could do even more money?

And there are two more income opportunities in UVioO I haven’t talked about yet: Checkpoints and Gold positions. I will write a blog post about these two after I have tested them.

Not yet a member?


Share Youtube videos

… and see by yourself.

Have a nice day!

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