How to Create a Custom Audience in FaceBook for a Retargeting Campaign?

If you are already familiar with FaceBook advertising and have an advertiser account set-up with them, this tutorial will show you how to create your first retargeting custom audience in FaceBook.

What is Facebook retargeting?

FaceBook retargeting is showing an ad to a selection of people who have a connection with you because they have visited your websites, are in your contact, mailing or customer lists. They already know you and your business and your brand will follow them in FaceBook in their Newsfeed or sidebar when you retarget them.

Create a Custom Audience in FaceBook

The first thing you need to do is create a custom audience, which will be the people who visit your site.

In your FaceBook Ads manager click on the “Audiences” menu.

Custom Audience in FaceBook

On this page you will see all the audiences you have created and if you want to create a new one, click on the “Create Audience” green button and select “Custom Audience”.

Custom Audience in FaceBook

A pop-up window like this will open.

Custom Audience in FaceBook

Click on “Custom Audience from your Website“.

A pop-up window shows-up and you have to fill in all details for your Audience.

Custom Audience in FaceBook

Audience Name: name/domain of your website
Description: what will help you to identify the audience
Website Traffic: select “People visiting specific pages

Note: FaceBook only provides one “Custom Audience Pixel” for your account, and if you have different websites you can’t use the option “All website visitors”. This will mix the visitors from your dog food website and your travel website together. Not exactly what you want, right?

Visited: select URL and paste your website’s URL. (There is no filter and this will work for all pages on your site.

Save for: your audience will be saved from 30 to 180 days.

Click the “Create” blue button.

Custom Audience in FaceBook

You will see a “Thank You for Creating a Custom Audience” message.

Click “Okay”.

How to target only one page on the website?

Custom Audience in FaceBook

You can do this by selecting a filter “equal to” and paste the exact URL of the page from where you want to collect the audience. Visitors to all the other pages will not be recorded, even if your FB pixel is sitewide.

Get your “Custom Audience Pixel”

If you don’t know what a pixel is, it is a piece of code that you will have to copy and paste in your website or specific page you selected.

Custom Audience in FaceBook

In the image above you can see 3 small buttons when you hover your mouse on the new created audience.

Click on “Pixel details”.

A pop-up window shows you the code.

Custom Audience in FaceBook

Copy the code and paste it between the <head> and </head> in your website code.

Custom Audience in FaceBook

If you don’t know how to do that send the “Custom Audience Pixel” to your webmaster.

Custom Audience in FaceBook

Notice that “Not Ready” is shown when you create the campaign. When you install the pixel and get 20 visitors, it will change to “Ready” and you will be able to create an Ad.

In the next tutorial, I will show you how to create your ad for your retargeting campaign.

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