Overcoming Procrastination for Success

Are you overcoming procrastination?

Overcoming procrastination is what successful people do. Procrastination is a ugly word that means you always postpone certain actions in your life, it is never a good time to do what you have or want to do, and you think there will always be a tomorrow. The problem with this is that the longer you wait the worse things get.

This bad habit usually starts at school with pupils delaying their homework until the last minute, which is Sunday evening. There is a good chance that when these children have grown as adults that they will procrastinate at work and in their life. The tasks that they are doing at the last minute, or never do at all, can cause lots of issues.

We all have things that we do not like to do and of course this gives us a good reason for not overcoming procrastination. What if instead of delaying the task we make it a habit to do it first. This way, we don’t have to think about it for days until it is done, saving ourselves brain power for other important things. What is done is done.

Tips to Overcoming Procrastination

Procrastination happens for the things we are required to do, but also for our own decisions to do something. Below are few tips to avoid procrastination.


  • Make a list of the things you have to do and schedule them. Do them on the day
    and time they were scheduled without fail.
  • Schedule the tasks you do not like to do first. You will be relieved.
  • On the day you decide doing something, start immediately or on the next day. Do not wait for the perfect time that will never come.
  • If you have lots of things to do learn to prioritize what is really necessary.
  • Ask a friend or a spouse to check on your progress. Be accountable to someone.

It is a tradition for the new year to have resolutions. People make them and then most of the time never take action. These are resolutions that each individual decides to achieve in the coming year and it is always to better their life: stop smoking, start a diet, start a new business, etc…

It is understandable that we procrastinate with the things that we do not like or are required to do, but why doing the same with our own decisions? We made these decisions for a reason to better our life and overcoming procrastination should be a priority in order to achieve our goals faster.

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