Share Videos and Make Money with UVioO

Share Videos with UVioO

The other day I had someone commenting a FaceBook post I had on my wall with a motivational video by Steve Jobs. I was very intrigued because usually people do not comment with videos. I watch the video on UVioO of course, as I like Steve Jobs‘ motivational speeches. As I discover the site I learn that I can make money when I share videos.

Share Video

The person who posted the comment “Mariana” did that very intelligently. She saw my post about my “Positive Affirmation of the Day” and commented with a video related to positive thinking. By doing this, she earned money by sharing the video, by me and other people viewing the video, by me registering for a free UVioO account and finally by me upgrading to the 10 days trial for a Pro account.

There are even more ways than the four I gave above to earn money with UVioO and it is brilliant. How much do you earn when you share Youtube videos on FaceBook? Nothing, nada, nichts, rien du tout… Share the same Youtube videos via UVioO and you earn a commission that can be paid to you thanks to the advertisers of the site.

Share videos and make money

Can I really make money sharing videos? Is UVioO a scam? Questions that you may ask yourself… I have been a member for 3 days and this is the money I have in my account:

UVioO earning 3 days

I have only shared a few UVioO videos, just like I would generally do with Youtube videos on my FaceBook wall. The amounts you earn per view, per share or per connection are very small, but the beauty of this system is when the video you posted goes viral and is viewed by hundreds of people, your earning increases exponentially.

Now, “do they pay ?” may you ask… I know a top affiliate marketer who has showed on his blog video proof of payment (+$3,000) and I am 100% confident that it is legitimate.


In addition to the commission I earn when I share UVioO videos, I promote my business for Free in the process. It is too soon for me to give you a complete review as I haven’t scratched the surface of what can be done. This will be in a couple of weeks, maybe earlier.

If you like to share videos on Youtube, register for a free UVioO account here.

Have a nice day!

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