Making Affiliate Money with Coupon Sites

Building a coupon site is certainly another good option to make money online. Contrary to banners or product links that present to the potential buyer a product or a store in the form of an ad, coupon sites offer a wide range of discount offers.

There are many smart buyers that search coupon sites before making any purchase with their favorite stores, and that is an opportunity for us to make affiliate commissions. Everyone loves to buy at a discount and people who look at coupon sites are hot online shoppers.

How to make a coupon site? I advise that you start slowly with only one affiliate network to make it easier and grow your earning from only one place. If you have a website or a blog in any vertical, you may want to make a section with related coupons to boost affiliate revenue. Conversion is better than banners, so it is worth adding these offers.

Making a real coupon site with a minimum of 1,000 coupon codes is more challenging as you can imagine. Some affiliates will add coupons manually one by one, track their expiration dates and remove them one by one, or just keep them expired. There must be a better way you think. Hopefully, there is, with the use of coupon scripts and data-feeds.

A lot of coupon sites are scripts developed by in-house programmers and not for sell anywhere, they are usually very successful with their unique designs and features. I can only see 2 other affordable options, which are and The first one is a WordPress plugin, which make it easy to use if you know the platform and the second one is a completely independent system.

I invite you to comment on these 2 scripts or suggest others.

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