My First Post on the Blog Beast

I just came back from dinner outside, and oh surprise! My blog has been upgraded from ENV1 to ENV2. This new improved version of the Empower Network blogging system has been rolled over to all existing customers just an hour or two ago and I guess I am not alone to have had this nice surprise.

I haven’t started to customize the Blog Beast yet as I go through the different menus to see what has changed… In fact, everything has changed because it is not WordPress anymore, but a completely new system. As I am typing this on my computer, all the interface is simplified. It is for sure a nice improvement for newbie bloggers.

I see that there are 4 options at the top of this window:

– Create post

– Upload Audio

– Upload Photo

– Upload Video

4 ways to easily post content to the blog from a computer or any mobile device, which I will try soon.

Tomorrow, I will customize the blog and attach a new domain name to it as this has been made possible.

If you are interested to know more about the Blog Beast, which is in the launch process click here.

Have a nice day.

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