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What are Affiliate Programs Data-Feeds?

In addition to banners and text links, using a data-feed is a great way to promote an affiliate program. Data-feeds are very intimidating for most affiliates, but learning how to use them is worth, considering the increase in revenue and time saved they can provide. A data-feed is a list of products with all the Read More →

Affiliate Program Application Declined

Applications to affiliate programs are sometimes approved automaticaly but most of the time they are reviewed manually. This may take from a few hours to 3 days depending on the number of applications a program receives per day. Some of you may have received this email when applying to an affiliate program: “Your Affiliate Program Read More →

Making Affiliate Money with Coupon Sites

Building a coupon site is certainly another good option to make money online. Contrary to banners or product links that present to the potential buyer a product or a store in the form of an ad, coupon sites offer a wide range of discount offers. There are many smart buyers that search coupon sites before Read More →

Seven Creatives to Promote Affiliate Programs

There are many creatives available in an affiliate program interface for you to choose from. Banners and text links are the most used, but what are the other creatives available? I can think of 7 creatives, which are: banners, text links, content links, forms, data-feeds, widgets and coupons. Depending on the site you have, you Read More →

What Affiliate Programs should you promote?

There are affiliate programs for almost everything on the Internet. Flowers, shoes, jewelry, car parts, books, astrology and the list goes on. Promoting all these affiliate programs in one website is not the solution even if the site has traffic. How to choose then the affiliate programs to promote? If you have a website or Read More →

Trusted Commission Junction Network Penalizes Small Affiliates

When starting affiliate marketing choosing a good Network is important. Commission Junction is one of the most trusted Network by merchants and affiliates alike. In CJ, affiliates have access to a huge directory of products, and when promoting several merchants, the earned commission from each of them is added and paid together. The network is Read More →