How to Get Human Targeted Web Traffic with FWtraffic

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to get human targeted web traffic with FWtraffic. The major headache for Internet marketers is to drive traffic to their sites, find a paid traffic source that is legitimate and that can be used without learning a 30 pages manual. Fortunately, setting a campaign with FWtraffic is very simple.

How to Get Human Targeted Web Traffic with FWtraffic
Click the image above or click here to visit FWtraffic.

What kind of web traffic do they have?

As I was looking for new traffic sources for my online business, I came across their services. They own and operate many well-known internet websites and their current portfolio is over 14,500 websites. These Internet properties generate over 20,000,000 unique visitors per day and their prices are very affordable.

They have 4 categories of traffic you can choose from:


How to Get Human Targeted Web Traffic

For this tutorial we are going to work with “Targeted Traffic”.

Let’s get started and see how easy it is to set a campaign.

How to Get Human Targeted Web Traffic with FWtraffic

First of all, you need to purchase your package.

If you are starting, the 10K Traffic Trial package is perfect. This is the package I use for this tutorial.

It will give you 10,000 views for only $10.90.

Human Targeted Web Traffic - FWtraffic packages

Let’s see more in details what you get with the Trial 10K Traffic Package.

Human Targeted Web Traffic - FWtraffic Trial Package

– Real Human Visitors:
contrary to some traffic services, you get real people viewing your websites, not bots.

– Unique IPs: People visiting your website are different people, it’s not the same person viewing 50 times your site.

– Category Target: You can choose a category for your visitors like “Business Opportunities”

– Country/Area Target: You can select “Worldwide traffic” like I did for this trial or a specific country like “USA”.

– Fast start: Your campaign will be ready to run within 24 hours.

– Real time statistics: You know in real time how many views you have used and how many you have left.

– 100% Safe: This means that the traffic is real, spaced in time and can be used on a page with Adsense ads.

– Choose speed: You decide if you want to receive all traffic in one day or more, up to 60 days.


Click the ORDER NOW button.

Select on the order page the specifics for the traffic you order.

That’s all you will have to do and traffic will soon start to flow..

Human Targeted Web Traffic - FWtraffic Order page

You need to have your URL ready when ordering and payment go through PayPal.

I advise you track your traffic: Google Analytic will suffice.

If you are a tracking freak like I am you may use Prosper 202 or Conversion Prophet.

TWtraffic Restrictions

It is important to notice that there are a few things that you can’t do.

On the page you send the traffic to, what you see on the image below is not allowed.

Human Targeted Web Traffic - FWtraffic Restrictions

If you don’t know what some terms mean, you will be safe.

The major restriction is NO popup Windows.

TWtraffic Control Panel

Within 24 hours of your order, you will receive an email with a login URL to the TWtraffic Control Panel, your username and password.

It will look like this.

FWtraffic Control Panel

Click on “Access account”.

You will get on the login page.

Enter your username and password, check “remember password”.

FWtraffic Control Panel

Click the “Login” blue button.

You will see this simple Welcome page.

Click on the “Edit Profile” button to check your details.

FWtraffic Control Panel

Make sure your email address is correct, modify if necessary.

FWtraffic Control Panel - Edit Profile

You may want to fill in the optional fields and click the “Submit” blue button.

Now, let’s have a look at our campaign.

FWtraffic Control Panel - view campaigns

Click the “View Campaigns” sub-menu.

There is only one campaign in this account.

FWtraffic Control Panel - view campaigns

There is only one thing that you can modify and it is the number of “Daily Visits”.

As you can see I have modified it from 250 to 500 visits per day.

FWtraffic Control Panel - daily visits

In order to change now 500 to 1,000 visits per day, type the new value and click the “Update Ads” grey button.

What other information do we have on this Control Panel?

FWtraffic Control Panel - daily visits

On the first line, you have a link to the page you send traffic to, you may click on it to see if it’s working. The link has been shortened as a link as shown above. Then, you can see if the campaign is “Active”, the starting date and the daily visits.

Notice the Tracking URL, it is the URL you will see in your Analytics or tracking software when traffic is sent to you.

At the right you can see your stats: the total amount (10,000), the amount served (14) and daily visits (14 of 1,000).

After a time it will look like this.

FWtraffic Control Panel - stats

If your server is down, or for any other reason, you can pause the campaign.

Just click the “freeze” red button.

FWtraffic Control Panel - Freeze campaign


Human Targeted Web Traffic, really?

The main concern when buying traffic is to get the traffic you have paid for.

Nobody wants fake traffic generated by robots, but real human visitors.

This is what my tracking software shows about TWtraffic for around 150 visits.

At a first glance, I can see that the traffic is unique, has different IPs, is of different durations (<20 sec, +20 sec, +60 sec), is from different OS & browsers and countries.

Human Targeted Web Traffic - TWtraffic stats

Let’s see more in details.

Traffic by Browser

Human Targeted Web Traffic - TWtraffic stats

Traffic by Countrytracking-countries

Traffic by IP Addresstracking-IPs

Traffic by OS/Platformtracking-OS

The traffic is diversified enough in all aspects to conclude that it is in fact real human targeted web traffic.

Now, I can’t tell about quality of this traffic and if it converts well for my offer.

I also don’t know what the ROI will be.

I still have to go through the 10,000 views and at this rate it will take 10 days.

I will write another post later showing you my results with TWtraffic.

I hope this tutorial has been useful to you.

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