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Voice Over Optimization Recipe for Youtube Slide Shows

Voice Over Optimisation

If you are producing Youtube videos based on slide shows with your voice over going through the slides, this voice over optimization recipe is for you. You may have a good microphone or you may have not, but the recipe I am going to share with you can improve the quality of your sound and give Read More →

Free Open Source Video Transcoder

There is a video transcoder that I’d like to recommend and it’s called “HandBrake”. It is free and work on Mac, Windows and Linux. On occasions you may have a video in a format that is not usable for Youtube, or you may want a video optimized for a certain mobile device, and you will Read More →

Track your Links with SmartURL

Track your Links with SmartURL

Every Internet marketer who is serious with their business track their links. Tracking links is the only way to determine if a method of promotion is working or not, and helps decide if adjustments have to be made. Today, I am going to show you how to track your links with SmartURL. SmartURL is designed Read More →

How to Schedule Facebook and Twitter Posts with PostCron

Schedule Facebook and Twitter Posts ~ PostCron

I have been looking for a tool to schedule Facebook and Twitter posts for quite some time and as there are a few services available I have never found what I really wanted. Some tools are just overkilled, some will post on FaceBook pages and not profiles, some are too limited or too expensive. It’s Read More →

WordPress Softaculous Installation Tutorial

WordPress Softaculous Installation

Installing WordPress with Softaculous is very simple and can be done in under two minutes. Softaculous is a script that you find in most hosting accounts that enables you to install applications like WordPress in just a few clicks. If you want to install a WP blog on your server read on this WordPress Softaculous installation Read More →

Want to Promote your Local Business Online?

Promote your Local Business Online

Many businesses, small stores and entrepreneurs do not have the online presence that they should have to grow their business faster. This is most of the time because they do not have the budget to hire a webmaster or the knowledge to do it themselves. What if there was an easy way for you to Read More →

Examples of FaceBook Posts Embedded in Blog Post

Examples of FaceBook Posts This is to illustrate my blog Post on the Empower Network blog on how to embed FaceBook Posts in a website or blog. Example 1: Profile Post by Michel Gerard. Example 2: Page Post by Big Idea Mastermind. Example 3: Page – with video Post by Big Idea Mastermind.   Read Read More →

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