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How to Install and Use the Facebook Pixel Helper

The new Facebook pixel is simple and complicated at the same time. There is only one pixel, but several “events” you can add to it to track and optimize conversions. After the Facebook pixel is installed in your website, how do you check if it is properly installed? For this effect, there is a Chrome extension Read More →

Contact Laser Targeted Leads on FaceBook


In the last tutorial you have learned how to find targeted leads on FaceBook very fast using Search Graph. Today, I’d like to show you how to contact laser targeted leads that you find with this method. Should you add them as friends right away… follow or message them? Contact laser targeted leads on FaceBook Read More →

Find Laser Targeted Leads on FaceBook Fast

laser targeted leads

The purpose of this tutorial is to show you how you can find laser targeted leads on FaceBook fast. You certainly do not want to target people whose interests do not match what you have to offer. You want to target people who have an interest in Internet Marketing, Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Social Read More →

Syndicate tsu Posts on More Social Media Sites

syndicate tsu

This tutorial is going to show you how you can syndicate tsu posts on more Social Media sites. Learn how to post to multiple Facebook pages and on your Twitter with an image from tsu. If you are not registered to tsu, here is your invitation. When you post on tsu, you can choose to post Read More →

UVioO Gold Positions Explained

UVioO Gold Positions

If you like to be on FaceBook and share Youtube videos, you must check out UVioO. The two mentioned websites earn large revenue thanks to you using their services for free and viewing their advertisement. What do you get for this? Nothing. Well, it is about to change if you join UVioO and start sharing Read More →

Examples of FaceBook Posts Embedded in Blog Post

Examples of FaceBook Posts This is to illustrate my blog Post on the Empower Network blog on how to embed FaceBook Posts in a website or blog. Example 1: Profile Post by Michel Gerard. Example 2: Page Post by Big Idea Mastermind. Example 3: Page – with video Post by Big Idea Mastermind.   Read Read More →