What Affiliate Programs should you promote?

What affiliate program?There are affiliate programs for almost everything on the Internet. Flowers, shoes, jewelry, car parts, books, astrology and the list goes on. Promoting all these affiliate programs in one website is not the solution even if the site has traffic. How to choose then the affiliate programs to promote?

If you have a website or a blog about Travel, affiliate programs in the same “Vertical” or topic have to be selected as visitors of the site are people looking for information about the topic. They may want information on a country, but also book an hotel or buy travel insurance, and it is what you have to promote. It is unlikely that they will be interested by an astrology ad.

Google does just that with its “Ads by Google” you see on websites. They match the ads with the content of the website so the visitors see and click an ad related to the information they are searching. Knowing what kind of affiliate programs to promote is already a good step. Now, what Hotel booking or travel affiliate program to choose?

You will have to consider your options. Is the company you want to partner with a trusted company? How do they pay? Is their tracking software in-house or do they work with a Network? Many questions need to be answered before investing time and money in promoting their products. A higher commission being not always the best in a program.

An important element of the affiliate program is the affiliate manager. This person’s job is to assist affiliates in giving advices, make links and creative, answer to questions and help affiliates when necessary. This person is your interlocutor and you have to make sure that the partner programs you selected have a responsive affiliate manager.

As a conclusion, you have to do your homework to select an affiliate program that will be a good fit to your site and convert well.

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