UvioO Great Way To Make Money Online

A great way to make money online for beginner Internet marketers is UVioO. If you like watching videos on Youtube and share them on FaceBook to your friends, this is a business that can bring you some extra dollars in your pocket each month. What is great with UVioO is that you can play small sharing a few videos per day… or you can play big and make a real income.

Watch this Top Internet Marketer explaining how UVioO is a great way to make money online…

great way to make money online

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You can get started as a Free member and begin sharing videos on your FaceBook timeline. You will quickly realize that there is an opportunity when you see the money starting to show up in your stats. The more videos you share and the more they spread, the more money you will make.

These are my results after 2 weeks sharing Youtube videos on my FaceBook timeline, which has only a bit more than 300 friends. Imagine if you have more than that.


As you can see my paid per share money is more important than my paid per view… This is because I have been sharing 4-5 videos per day and as I do not have lots of friends the videos have not spread very far. I have had some people signing-up for free accounts after watching videos and I got what is called “Paid per Connect”.

Where I got most of the money is by having free members upgrading to Pro. Some are on the trial, others on the monthly or yearly membership. I would not have been able to make the $40 as a free member and after my trial period I took the yearly membership, which is much cheaper than the monthly membership.

Try it by yourself!

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