How to Use the Blog Beast

Today, I’d like to show you a bit more about the Blog Beast and how to use it. The Blog Beast is a completely new blogging platform created from scratch that makes blogging much easier than using WordPress. Its main advantage is that it is mobile ready and you can use text, audio, images or video directly from your mobile phone or tablet and upload your posts in one click to the blog.

Below is a screen shot of your blogging interface when you login into your account from a computer:

Blog Beast

You can see all your posts directly from your interface and have a possibility to edit or delete them. In order to create a new post you first have to chose one of the 4 options – the 4 blue buttons – and a different kind of window will show depending if you selected text, sound, image or video.

For this example I chose the “Text” option, to make a regular post like in WordPress.

Blog Beast

You can see on this image above that everything is very simple. You type your title, then the description. You have a series of buttons to bold, italicize or underline. You can also position text at the left, center or right, create bullet points or numbering. You can of course create links and insert images, audio or video.

You can see in that example that I selected “Public Blog” and I could make the post private. I selected “My Empower Network Blog”, which is my main blog or select another of my blogs. Yes, with the Blog Beast you can create as many blogs as you wish! I then created and selected my categories.

Let’s see the other options I have:

Blog Beast

They are the SEO options. SEO stands for Search Engines Optimization. The 3 windows are already populated after you have typed your post. You may want to change the META keywords suggested and add your own and also modify the META description. Most of the work is already done to help you rank your post in Search Engines.

If you want to start blogging the easy way…

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Have a nice day!

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