How to Make a Video Online

Make a Video Online Easily:

There is a nice video creation service I use to make intro or product videos with. It is called I wanted to make a short video to show people who connect with me on FaceBook or other social media sites and this is the result.

Michel Gerard Online presents from gmichel on Vimeo.

I can make a video online like this one in five minutes. What takes the most time is decide on which template to use, the creation in itself is very easy and fast.

Make a video online with Flixpress

You will first have to visit Flixpress and register for a free account. There are a few video template that you can use to get started or buy a $1 to $5 template, which may look better for your project.

make a video online

Click on the image above or CLICK HERE

After you have created your account with Flixpress start to preview the templates they have.

make a video online

After you click and preview one of these templates there will be a button that says: “Next”. Then the TOS will show and after you have checked the box, click on the “Customize” button.

If you want all the step by step on how to make a video online with Flixpress, watch the video below.

Uploaded on Mar 27, 2011
Description of basic functionality for For more information, visit our site.

This is how the videos will show in your account after you have created them.

make a video online

I advise you to always check the box “Preview” when you create a video, otherwise the real video will be created and you won’t be able to change anything or have your money back. For the preview I chose the standard (SD) size, but when you order you have the possibility to download your video in HD with a small fee on top.

I hope this post on how to make a video online will be useful to you.

Have a nice day!

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