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Last month I started to write a series of 14 quality Blog Beast tutorials on this blog expecting to rank very well in search engines with this 11 years old domain name I use the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin and as I got a green light SEO score for all the posts, I expected them to be high ranking blog posts in Google. Unfortunately, WordPress took a beating by my other blog the “Blog Beast”!

What have I done wrong?

This is the strategy I used.

As the tutorials were quite long and with lots of screenshots I thought it would be easier to write them on my WordPress blog, as I can save drafts, and then post an extract of each post on the Blog Beast with a link back to my WordPress blog

So, this is what I did for each post:

– Wrote blog post on WordPress blog, perfectly optimized for keyword “Blog Beast tutorial”.
WordPress pinged the post.
– WordPress posted update on FaceBook.
– OnlyWire
posted to 30 social media sites.

(no link back to the Blog Beast in the posts)


– Copied extract to Blog Beast with a few images. I did not look at the keyword density, or optimized the text, and just put “Blog Beast tutorial” as a keyword tag.
– Linked back to the post in the WordPress blog that has the original and full article.
– Pinged new post with
– Shared to Twitter, FaceBook & LinkedIn via, my link shortener service.
– Posted blog post extract with link back in
– Used Sokule to further advertise.

Obviously I did more promotion of the Blog Beast posts than the WordPress posts. But as the original posts were on the WP blog, and Blog Beast links to it, I was expecting to get a boost and that Google chooses the original post.

The results are different and this is the high ranking blog.

For the chosen keyword “Blog Beast tutorial”, this is what I get.

high ranking bloghigh ranking blog

On the first page of Google, a Blog Beast result shows after a series of Youtube videos. Youtube videos rank very well and better than blog posts nowadays and with all the competition, I still get position #10.

What is also remarkable is that I attached a new domain to the Blog Beast, which is, and the domain is about two months old. Have you heard that aged domains rank better? Think again!

The Blog Beast doesn’t even contain the original posts… I believe that because of the high authority domain the Blog Beast is on (, with an Alexa rank of  238 and PR 4, posts rank better and faster than anything else.

Now let’s look at this high ranking blog on Google page 2

The Blog Beast got position #11, #12, #13, #14 & #15.

high ranking blog

Position #16 being 2 images on, that are embedded in the Blog Beast.
Position #17 is another Blog Beast.
And position #18 is mine on

Let’s see Google page 3

Finally shows in position #23 & #24, but they are not the pages I expected to rank… These 2 results are for the category and tag pages.

high ranking blog

Position #26 is a entry for one blog post.

Page 4 & 5

No results for me on page 4 and page 5 is the last page, all other results are omitted.

high ranking blog


This shows how powerful the Blog Beast is. With these results I am going to change my strategy and post completely different content on the 2 blogs. With duplicate content on the 2 blogs, the Blog Beast wins, with different content, both can win, but with the Blog Beast being still ahead in the ranking much easily.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

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