Facebook Page Likes on a Low Budget

Do you want to know how to get Facebook page Likes at a low cost? Learn how I do it effortlessly after having been stuck 2 years at 75 likes.

I have had Facebook pages for quite a long time and several years ago I hired someone on Odesk to manage my Facebook page of the time.

This is what I got!

Facebook page Likes - blocked

I had more than 2,000 Facebook Likes produced in a very short time, certainly bought and fake Likes. I got blocked by Facebook and she got the boot.

I then created other pages and the one I am showing you today in this case study is a page that stayed idle for a couple of years, achieving an outstanding 75 Likes as of 03 August 2015.

I was about to abandon the page in June 2014, but I tried out of desperation a Facebook ad by myself…

I got 1 Page Like for $2.81. That was it, I abandoned the page. I am sure you would have done the same.

Then, I found this course and it changed everything:


Taking this course gave me hope that something could be done to get Facebook Page Likes for $0.01 and I applied what I learned. I have only completed 71 lectures so far and there is still more to learn and improve.

I started on the 5th of August on a small budget, $1, $2, or $3 per day depending on the total monthly budget I have for Facebook ads and what’s allocated to other ads.

This is the progression for my Facebook Page Likes:

This is the Facebook Page:

Type “Michel Gerard” in the Facebook search window to see the real page.

Before I go further with the ads, let me tell you why I am growing this page. I am doing it to get more social proof on all the websites and blogs I have.

This shows on my main blog.

This shows on my second blog.

This shows on my Membership site.

This shows on all my squeeze pages.

This is a lot of social proof for many different websites and it is really great to be able to grow this kind of numbers on a small budget.

Also, I didn’t dream to have this kind of results before when I wake up in the morning.

I also didn’t dream to have this kind of engagement.

I posted this update one hour ago, there are only 36 people reached and already 3 Likes. I guess I am on target with my audience. This is not even an article of mine I shared.

I get Notifications constantly now and the page is less than 8K Likes.

I can tell you that I am very pleased with the results. I’d like more comments, but even the best get few comments as shown in the course…

Now, how do I do it?

Let’s see…

Ad Manager:

This is the campaign results for the last 30 days.

I have 2,471 new Likes for a small budget of $35.64.

This campaign is ongoing and when I started I tested different ad sets targeting different low cost countries and interests.

I created in total 6 campaigns in order to find a winner that I have now been running for the last 30 days.
5 of the campaigns were not working very well and I found out that supposed low cost countries were costing me more than they should.

These are the results I got for this winning campaign.


The campaign has been ongoing for a month with a daily budget of $1 or $2 per day and you can see in the graph that the cost varies between $0.01 and $0.02 per Like. I believe this can’t stabilize to a value because the daily budget is so low. But anyways, the average for 30 days is $0.01, which is good.


Now let’s look at the audience I have for the page with this ad.

You can see that my audience is 25-34, which is the segment I am targeting and you also see that 90% are men.

Men are costing $0.01 per Like while women are costing $0.02 per Like. So women are costing double than men, looks like real life isn’t it?

I wonder at this point if I should remove them to bring the cost down a little bit… but, I think I’ll keep them anyway.


Let’s look at the Placement now.

As usual, the Mobile News Feed is taking over the Desktop News Feed. The Desktop News Feed is only 2% in reach and also costing more.

I wonder at this point if I should separate the campaign in two, one for mobiles and one for desktops. What would you do?

Want to see the desktop ad?

This is the Mobile Ad.

I did not target the Desktop right column and had a few variations in text and images in the 5 testing ad sets that I have now stopped.

Now, you wonder, what am I targeting exactly?

Ad Set Setting:

This is the Ad Set setting of the winning ad.

My audience is defined and I have a potential reach of 5,800,000 people. My daily reach is 740 to 2,000 people for a budget of $2 per day.

These are the locations I target after elimination of the costly countries during the test period.

There are 20 countries.

These are the other settings I have.

I targeted men and women between 25 and 45 years old, speaking the English language and having these 3 interests: network marketing, Entrepreneurship an digital marketing.

I also excluded people who liked the page.

Remember that these settings might not work for you, they are the results of my testing Ad sets.

There are much more tweaking I could do to improve this campaign. I’d like to try to target “Friends of people who liked the page”, and also maybe clean up a few countries and add more interests.

This will be done eventually, but for now, the campaign serves it’s purpose to bring me new Likes everyday at $0.01 on a low budget and effortless.

I hope you enjoyed this case study that was originally posted in the Facebook course below, and I await your questions in the comment box below.

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