How to Clean your Mailing List in GetResponse

You have been building your list for a while now, and as it grows you realize that there are more and more subscribers that do not open your emails. As in any mailing list you have those who open all your emails, those who open them once in a while, and those who have never opened them at all. You should clean your mailing list as there is no point emailing people who are not reading what you send.

The advantages of cleaning your list are:

– a better open rate.
– a cheaper auto-responder fee.
– a more responsive list.

I have to admit that I spent quite some time finding out how to do that in GetResponse. I decided then to write this tutorial so you can save your valuable time for more important tasks.

Clean your mailing list in GetResponse

You need first to login into your GetResponse account.

Then go to “Contacts” and “Search Contacts”.

clean your mailing list in GetResponse

This is what you will see next.

GetResponse cleaning


In this account there are 4,676 leads at the moment.

Click on the “Advance Search” link.

GetResponse cleaning 3

You have now 3 different search options to set-up.

Select the campaigns you want to clean. In this example I chose to clean 6 mailing lists that are all related.

GetResponse cleaning 4

Then select the auto-responder sequence.

GetResponse cleaning 5

I chose to select all results.

Now let’s choose the Subscription date.

GetResponse cleaning 6

I chose “All time”.

Now, add a condition: Message not opened – all – never

It’s going to sort all the contacts that have never opened your emails in the lists you selected.

GetResponse cleaning 8

Click the “Show contacts” button.

GetResponse cleaning 6b

And here are your inactive contacts.

GetResponse cleaning 10

You can see on the left panel that the filter is active.

In this example there are 490 contacts that have never opened my emails. They have been sitting there for months and there is no reason they will start to open emails now.

The next step is to check the “Choose all” option.

GetResponse cleaning 12

And get rid of these useless leads.

GetResponse cleaning 13

Click the “Actions” link and select “Remove from account”.

GetResponse cleaning 14

A confirmation pop-up will show. Click “OK”.

GetResponse cleaning 16

When you return to the Contact Search page, you will see your count has decreased… for the better!

I hope this tutorial on how to clean your mailing list in GetResponse has been useful to you.

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