Can Safelist Marketing Generate Traffic?

Safelist Marketing can bring daily traffic to your page.

There are a lot of talks about Safelist Marketing on the Internet. Many marketers say that it is not working, while a few others say it is working. As any traffic source all depend on the offer you are promoting, your testing and tracking, and the persistence you have in using the source.

These are the reasons marketers say it is not working:

– People click for credits and do not look at the website and offer.

– There are many people promoting the same offer with the same landing page.

– You can only email a certain amount of people in a period of time and then you have to wait.

– You have to click a lot of credit links to be able to send your advert and it takes a lot of time.

– You get only good value when you upgrade to the Safelists.

Now are the reasons why it works:

– People not only click for credits, but for researching IM tools and opportunities.

Safelists are targeted for Internet Marketers.

– There are lots of Safelists to join and test your offers on.

– People who opt-in in your Capture Page are genuinely interested in your offer.

– I personally found and bought IM tools and training on Safelists I otherwise would have not found.

I am not saying that Safelist Marketing is the best traffic source you can get out there, but it is FREE! It does take time to click for credits, but there are methods and tools that you can use to speed up the process. If you have no budget, it is a great place to start.

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How do I make Safelist Marketing work for me?

The most important aspect of my Safelist Marketing success is that I got organized and joined more than 70 Safelists. I keep track of all of them in a spreadsheet and know exactly when I am due for sending my advert.

safelist marketing

You can see in the image above that I know which Safelists I can send my advert to “Today” and at what time. The color code tells me when it’s time to email “Green” or if I have to wait for a while “Red”. I also have a Credit Level indicator that tells me where I need credits. All of this is calculated automatically. This is just a portion of the spreadsheet you see on the image and there are all the info I need for each Safelist.

And I can send my advert super fast because I have set it up with LastPass.


When I am on the Mailer page of the Safelist, I just have to choose the advert with the correct personalization tag #FIRSTNAME# or [fname] or {FIRSTNAME}, etc… and the ad will populate automatically in the web form. I just have to enter the number of credits I want to use and click “SEND”.

Now, I have a special tool I use that helps me to click for credits efficiently and fast. I may give more details in a future post. I also do not click myself, I pay someone in the Philippines that do this for me one hour per day for $1 an hour.

Want to see Safelist MarketingTraffic?

Safelist Traffic

5,297 visitors to my offer, 2,090 from the USA and all for FREE!

You can’t see on this report, but there are Leads too.

I hope this helps!

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