Blog Beast Tutorial for Grannies and Dummies – Part 5

You have learned in the previous tutorial how to make a blog post using all the features available in the blog’s back-office. In this Blog Beast tutorial you are going to learn how to customize the Empower Network‘s viral blogging system. This includes changing the template colors for all elements on the blog, changing the fonts style and colors, setting the margin at the left or the right, setting the SEO tags for the Home Page and editing the top menu bar.

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Blog Beast Tutorial 5

Go to the login page located here and log in.

From your back-office click on “View/Edit My Blog”

Blog Beast Tutorial

On your Blog Beast‘s home page you will notice a little “+” sign.

It is visible only if you are logged in.

Click on the “+” sign.

Blog Beast Tutorial

This section will appear on top of the blog.

Blog Beast Tutorial

You can close this section by clicking the “-“ sign.

You can see on this screen shot, at the top: “My Empower network Blog”. This is the blog you want to edit. (Christina’s blog is my second blog and I would click on the link to edit it.)

It is quite easy to understand and make changes to the blog template, article options and sidebar options. Click the “Save Changes” blue button when you are done.

Let’s see how you can change colors.

Blog Beast Tutorial

When you click on the color window a tool will show from which you can select any color. If you know the code of the color, you can directly enter it.

Blog Beast Tutorial

You can change the font’s color as shown above, but also the font style.

Then position your sidebar at the left or right of your main content on the blog.

Blog Beast Tutorial

You will love this!

I hope you enjoy this Blog Beast tutorial… let’s go to the next step.

Click on “Navigation Bar”. These options will show.

Blog Beast Tutorial

If you want you can turn off the Empower Branding, but it is best to leave it “ON”.

You can then decide to have or remove the “Search Bar”.

Blog Beast Tutorial
It is best to leave it ON as you want your visitors to be able to search what they are looking for on your Blog Beast.

You can decide to remove the default pages’ buttons: “Home”, “Welcome”, “Vision”, “Leadership”, “System” and “Get Money”. Just uncheck each option.

This is useful if your blog is totally unrelated to selling the Empower Network‘s products like a blog on cats, sport or any other topics. If you are promoting Empower leave them ON or make new pages…

Blog Beast Tutorial

The buttons show like this in the menu. You can see that I have added one button that leads to a page called “BIM”. You can link to an internal blog post or page, or an external page on the Internet.

Blog Beast Tutorial

After you have entered a title and a link URL for the first button, Link 2 will show, and so on… to create more buttons. Click “Save Changes” when all is done”

One last step for this Blog Beast tutorial.

Let’s set the main SEO option for the Home Page of the blog.

Click on the SEO Options links.

Blog Beast tutorial

We have already learned about SEO in tutorial 4. We want to achieve the same as for a blog post, except that the SEO tags will be used for the blog’s Home Page.

Choose a Meta Title Tag that will represent what your blog is about. If you are writing on different topics, be generic.

Write a Meta Description Tag that gives more details about the topics in your blog. This will show in Google like this.

Blog Beast Tutorial

You can see that what is shown on Google is exactly what I set-up for my blog.

The image is shown by setting Google +, which will be another tutorial.

The next section is the Meta Keywords Tag. Enter the main keywords for your blog separated by a comma. This tag is less and less used by search engines, but it is still good to have it.

And finally the next section is for the Google Analytics ID.

Blog Beast Tutorial

This enable you to see the traffic you receive on the blog. The ID always starts with UA- and then numbers. If you do not have one, leave blank. You still can come back to this option later.

I hope this tutorial will be useful to you and I will see you in the next Blog Beast tutorial.


If you have questions, comment below.

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