Bitly Tutorial for Grannies and Dummies – Part 2

This is part 2 of a Bitly tutorial I hope will get you started creating and tracking short links. In the previous post I explained why using Bitly and showed you how to create an account and a profile. In this post, you are going to learn how to create short links and read your stats.


Bitly Tutorial – Create a short link

This is time now to create your first Bitly short link. Look at the top right of the site, you will see an area to paste your long link.

Bitly Tutorial - create short link

When it is done you get a confirmation like this.

Bitly Tutorial - create short link

There are different things that you can see. The first line is the long link, which is a FaceBook Page. The FB logo displays and if you want, you can edit and rename to anything that is more relevant to you (click on the little pencil).

The date and domain shows, it can’t be changed.

In the screenshot above the Bitly link is public.

Bitly Tutorial - public link

Click on it and it will become private.

Bitly Tutorial - private link

If you do not want the Bitly link to show on your profile make it private.

“Add to bundle” is a possibility to group short links together, I will not go into detail for this.

Then, you can add a note. You may have for example several Bitly links for one affiliate link. One short link can be used in emails, the others in Social media and blogs. This will enable you to track your results better.

Click on the “Add note” link and an area will show like below. Click Save when you are done.

Bitly Tutorial - write Note

Finally, you can edit and rename the Bitly link if you wish.

Bitly Tutorial - edit link

You just click on the little pencil to do that.  It has to be unique to the system, it is already in use, Bitly will show an error message.

Now, your short link shows in your “Stuff”.

Bitly Tutorial - Your stuff

Bitly Tutorial – Check your stats

You notice on the image below that there is a “View stats” link. It is where you click to see your stats for the particular Bitly link.Bitly tutorial - stats

This element will show at the top of the stats page and show that you had 2,818 clicks.

Bitly tutorial - stats

See the real page here:

It is the same Bitly link wit the “+” sign at the end.
You can see it because it is a Public link.

Then it becomes interesting as you can see the detail of your traffic within the period of time you select: All time, hour, 24 hrs, 7 days, 14 days and 30 days.

Bitly tutorial - stats

The next section shows where your clicks come from. You can see that I have use this Bitly link for Safelists.

Bitly tutorial - stats

Then comes the map and geographic details of your visitors.

Bitly tutorial - stats

It can confirm you that the traffic is coming from a specific area.

The last area will show you if someone else has used Bitly to share the same content or long link as you did.

Bitly tutorial - stats

As an affiliate link is unique to your member ID, there should be no one else showing in this last portion of the statistic page.

If you haven’t…


I hope you have found this Bitly tutorial useful.

Have a nice day!

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