Michel Gerard the Handyman

When I was much younger I used to be very skilled with my hands and I was able to repair lots of things in the house. I was a handyman… Unfortunately, It is not the case anymore, and when the time comes I have to fix something I fear the worst.

A couple of years ago my attempt to re-attach a sink that fell from its base in the second floor bathroom ended in breaking a pipe and showering the first floor living-room. I had to call a professional to repair the mess. A year ago, at my parents in law’s house I tried myself at electricity. This was supposed to be simple, rewiring a bit and adding some sockets and switches. My dad in law had to call the local electrician after the short-cut I created exploded a few bulbs…

Today, I tried myself at carpentry.


The entrance wooden door of my parents in law’s house was not closing anymore due to the humidity. This new door was installed just four months ago during the dry season and the “carpenter” didn’t leave enough space between the door and its frame.

I visited a few shops to find the tool I needed, which you can see in the photo above. A very basic plane, not really the same I used to use in the past. As I started to work on the door, I already regretted not to have called a carpenter, but after a couple of hours and a few cuts on my fingers, the problem was fixed… and I was exhausted. There are a couple of other doors that need a lifting in the house and this will be done tomorrow.

Are you a handyman?

Have a nice Day!

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