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Free Open Source Video Transcoder

There is a video transcoder that I’d like to recommend and it’s called “HandBrake”. It is free and work on Mac, Windows and Linux. On occasions you may have a video in a format that is not usable for Youtube, or you may want a video optimized for a certain mobile device, and you will Read More →

How to Automate your Social Media Marketing

IFTTT ~ automate your Social Media marketing

Today I am going to show you a web tool called IFTTT that can make your life easier on the Internet. I am certain there are some tasks you would like to make automatic on the web. In this post you will learn how to automate your Social Media marketing easily with IFTTT. You may Read More →

How to Schedule Facebook and Twitter Posts with PostCron

Schedule Facebook and Twitter Posts ~ PostCron

I have been looking for a tool to schedule Facebook and Twitter posts for quite some time and as there are a few services available I have never found what I really wanted. Some tools are just overkilled, some will post on FaceBook pages and not profiles, some are too limited or too expensive. It’s Read More →

How to Use the MozBar to Rank Better

google chrome apps Mozbar

The MozBar is a Chrome application that you can use to check your chosen keywords against your competition. I assume that you have already done your keyword research and found a long tail keyword with good potential. How can you use the MozBar to rank better with this particular keyword? Download Google Chrome and install Read More →

How to Use PhotoPin to Get your Blog Images

I came across a nice tool that can help you find images for your blog very easily. Having nice photos in your blog posts is very important to make them attractive. The problem is that you can’t use any copyrighted photo from the net in your blog without getting into trouble down the road. Where Read More →

Need a Free Disposable Email Address?

Free Disposable Email

Nowadays everybody with an Internet connection has an email account. You certainly have a private email account and a professional email account to keep things separated. Sometimes you may come across a website on the internet that asks for your email address in order to watch a video or receive a free ebook. You may Read More →

Safelist Marketing Tips – LastPass 2

Safelist Marketing Tips

In the previous post I showed you how to use LastPass to register for multiple Safelists very fast and save your login information. Today, I am going to show Safelist Marketing tips to send your email messages very quickly in just a couple of clicks. If you have an average of 30 Safelists to email Read More →

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