SEO and FaceBook Post Engagement Ad Strategy for eCommerce

This is a strategy that I have used over 2 years for SEO of an eCommerce site. It consists of an article posted on the site and shared to the Facebook page weekly, and then the post is boosted in the Ad Manager. As it is for the Thai market there is a Thai writer who writes 1,000 words articles Read More →

Youtube Talking Head Lighting on a budget

If you do not have the budget to invest in professional lighting, what you can do is to use the following for your talking head lighting. You can use this equipment when you are filming yourself in a small room, sitting or standing at your computer using a webcam. The best way to proceed is Read More →

Youtube Talking Head Lighting on a low budget

Today I went to do some shopping to see if I could have a proper image using simple and cheap lighting equipment. Lighting on a low budget is possible. This lighting equipment is sufficient if you are filming yourself sitting at your desk and the best way to control your lighting is to not allow natural Read More →

How to Install and Use the Facebook Pixel Helper

The new Facebook pixel is simple and complicated at the same time. There is only one pixel, but several “events” you can add to it to track and optimize conversions. After the Facebook pixel is installed in your website, how do you check if it is properly installed? For this effect, there is a Chrome extension Read More →

How to Check your Facebook Ad for the 20% Text Rule

Facebook has a 20% text rule for images appearing in ads and it can be difficult to evaluate just by looking at the image. Image 20% text rule If your text exceed 20% you will receive a warning from Facebook saying that your image has more than 20% text in it including slogan and logo. Read More →

3 Free Effective Ways to Promote your YouTube Videos

There are 3 easy free ways that you can use to promote your YouTube videos and dramatically increase your number of viewers on your videos and the number of subscribers to your channel. Promote your Youtube Videos 1. YouTube Video SEO Optimization When you upload a video on YouTube half of the work is done. Read More →

Voice Over Optimization Recipe for Youtube Slide Shows

Voice Over Optimisation

If you are producing Youtube videos based on slide shows with your voice over going through the slides, this voice over optimization recipe is for you. You may have a good microphone or you may have not, but the recipe I am going to share with you can improve the quality of your sound and give Read More →

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