My name is Michel Gerard and as you can see, this is my “About” page on www.pantika.com.

Michel Gerard

What is the meaning of “Pantika”, would you ask yourself… Well, it is simple. More than 10 years back, when I discovered the Internet, a friend of mine helped me to open a Hotmail account. I first tried to register a username with my first name, but I was not so pleased to have to use michel23675. I then tried my wife’s first name. This was taken too! The third attempt “Pantika”, my daughter’s first name was available.

Later on I made my first Pantika web page on a Free hosting service dedicated to my profile… I was at the time a cameraman, director of photography working on commercials, documentaries and TV series in Asia. Pantika.com was registered in April 2002 and served as my first paid hosted website after I discovered Multi Level Marketing and Affiliate Marketing.

This started mostly as a hobby, teaching IT being my primary occupation in these days. On different sub-domains I created different resources like a classified directory, Free tools pages, a team’s section, etc… All of these were HTML and PHP. Pantika.com was like a testing ground about making money online and I did make money!

In 2005, after 2 MLM companies I was working for were not making me that much money anymore due to a change in their commission plan for one, and a change of owner for the other, I lost interest in pantika.com after losing most of my downline and deleted everything soon afterwards. I had other websites on different topics I monetized with affiliate marketing.

Just after this episode, I was recruited in 2006 to work as an Affiliate Manager for a reputable affiliate management firm. Being at the same time an affiliate and an Affiliate Manager is great as you can see the two sides. One position helped me to perform better in the other. I also learned from the affiliates themselves seeing how they promoted the merchant and that many of them were making money with blogs.

I am relaunching now www.pantika.com, which will be mainly dedicated on affiliate marketing tips, traffic tips, SEO, making money blogging, etc… The aim of my blog is to provide useful advices with a good and limited selection of Free and Paid tools I use to help people with little IT knowledge to start making money online.

I hope you will enjoy my posts.

To your success.

Michel Gerard

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  3. Digital creedNo Gravatar on March 14, 2010 at 1:26 PM said:

    Hello. Great job. I did not expect this on a Wednesday. This is a great story. Thanks!

  4. This is a great blog. I have just started with affiliate marketing and am after all the information that i can get! I will be checking back soon. I have just opened a clickbank account and will report back to you guys on whether its easy to do any online job!Any advice is appreciated.

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    Excellent post going over all the ways which blogging can either help make you money by itself or support a business. I am a blogger and love the ability to express myself. Anyway good post.

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